iLearnTV: An ecosystem of knowledge sharing and collaborative production to innovate training


Knowledge sharing and collaborative production are two essential el- ements for transforming the current learning ecosystems into engines of social and territorial innovation. In response to the growing need for instructors' skills upgrading in this direction, iLearnTV aims to re-design the traditional paradigms and methods for instructors' life-long training by integrating modern technologies in the loop. To this end, it is offering a software-as-a-service learning content management system that makes it possible to collaboratively arrange, combine, and publish multi-format learning content on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Educational material is indexed inside a digital repository and made available to users for re-use, while predefined and customizable templates support collabora- tive creation of multi-format educational material based on them. The underlying cloud infrastructure is responsible of managing the required hardware resources, while the software layer on top of it provides interfaces and applicative functions to end users. The production-delivering process, together with the models to be applied, the content management practices, the professional roles and the corre- sponding competences, are redefined in order to meet the needs of modern learn- ing ecosystems. With iLearnTV, we expect to support instructors in dealing with the current technological changes in education and making their teaching effec- tive towards digital natives, enhancing both the human and the technological dimensions within school communities in an ecosystemic perspective.

Mondo Digitale Volume 18, Issue 81, April 2019
Silvio Barra
Silvio Barra
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor @ University of Naples