Safespotter: AI for Smart Cities (POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020)

POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020

Car Accident Prevention Systems The project aims at proposing a videosurveillance systems with the following objectives:

  • developing a Smart Cities project for the pedestrian and drivers safety, for monitoring the terrtory, thus enhancing the road safety;
  • reducing the intervention times (fire fighters, police and so on);
  • analysing urban video and data in order to prevent accidents;
  • modelling dangerous styles of driving;
  • eventually identifying secondary paths for circumventing traffics and accidents, so to lighten urban traffic jams.

The system is composed of three modules: a ground level module, consisting of a set of smart lampposts equipped with cameras and sensors, and an advanced AI unit for detecting accidents and traffic anomalies in real time; a territorial level module, which integrates and combines the information collected from the different lampposts, and cross-correlates it with external data sources, in order to coordinate and handle warnings and alerts; a training level module, in charge of continuously improving the accuracy of the modules that have to sense the environment.

Silvio Barra
Silvio Barra
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor @ University of Naples